Once upon a time the real fashion luxury vision

The concept of dressing as an element of distinctive character and uniqueness is anything but taken for granted in nature.

At the origin of the times a need to take shelter from winter, today, the affirmation of one’s status. Getting dressed to show yourself. Show yourself to be there.

Each of my sketches is followed by the creation of a prototype, and only after having made the latter that I decide what will become part of my production and what will end up in the waste bin.

Each product is made with the best fabrics in the world and with ancient tailoring techniques regardless of the time that will then determine the price, this is because my customers expect the best.

Worn, lived and admired over time

Each of the 365 days of a year are different from each other, as will the social occasions or the sought-after solitude.

This is my way of understanding and re-presenting ourselves during the different occasions of our life. Elegant for an exclusive party, comfortable when traveling, trendy with light clothing in hot summers, etc.

I always design what I believe can be useful or practical, without preconceptions and always thinking and wondering if I would wear it. Each of my garments is made to be wearing, lived and admired over time.

First Class Service

Made to Measure means to up at a different level of the world. A different way to conceptualize yourself and a different way the people will look you.

My First Class Service offers you the experience to wear something drawn by me but totally developed on your measurements. Besides, you can choose between several different details to be the most rich and unique in your wardrobe.

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