Since 1964

Since 1964, camiceria ROLLER, now called MILS 1964 make men's and women's shirts. Founded by Giuseppe Muscariello and his wife Chiarina.Iit has been a reference point for industrial production in South of Italy for decades. Today managed by Chiarina and Laura (Mario's wife) boasts an entire production cycle under direct control that goes from the creation of the pattern to the pre-shipment quality control.

Cut, make and trim

CMT plans are a services provided by MILS1964 s.r.l. for worldwilde brands that essentially want to produce in Italy throught us We will require specifications, tech packs, fabrics, patterns and stitching requirements from you before production.

Also we can provide and consultaning service about focused to stay in line with your brand’s styling

machine and hand made

The company is able to indifferently manage the production of machine-stitched and extremely more original hand-stitched shirts, thanks to the dense network of external collaborators who have handed down the ancient art of hand embroidery from generation to generation