In 1890 Mrs. Anna, Mario's grandmother, told her daughters Enza and Giuseppina that there can be no good shirt without a good pattern. More than a century later, thanks to the technology and the software that guarantee the millimeter precision of a time with less time, MILS 1964 creates the patterns for each of the companies that entrust its production on behalf of manufacturing C.M.T.)

CUTTING service

MILS 1964 s.r.l. it is equipped for industrially cutting for third parties: cotton shirts, jersey shirts, trousers and swim trunk


Digitalizing of the patter

By digitizing the pattern, it is possible to entrust the optimization of the fabric necessary for the production of your product to a latest generation sowtare. The software, entered data such as the height of the fabric and its return to washing, is able to position the individual pieces with a millimeter precision that allows less waste in the cutting phase and consequently an economic saving for the company.
C.M.T. ShirtMaker

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