fashion DESIGNER

Before placing the pencil on the paper and drawing my collection of clothes, I try to imagine its functionality.

Over the years I happened to design collection for other brands, but I only did it when this concept of beautiful but useful was shared. I do not give up my values, perhaps because I love to paint and I recognize that only the paintings are made to be hung on the walls and, therefore, I do not admit that one of my creations ends up in the wardrobe to get dust. I love to see the first signs of wear on the garments that I have designed and that the kia company has produced. I observe the folds, the signs and try to treasure them for the choice of a better fabric and to experiment with a different manufacturing technique.

I love the nature from which I choose the colors in its most natural shade.

The lightest jacket in the world – the POSITANO

source LEON magazine

A few hundred grams. Exactly less than a kilogram, just as Leon Korea written some time ago, after to take the weight of several summer jacket from everywhere in the wolrd. at the end of the comparison, the summer jacket called “Positano” designed and created by Mario Muscariello was the most functional and lightest in the world on a par with the one produced by HERMES.

let me tell you how this jacket was born and why

born for hot days

It was the first years that I frequented Japan and I just couldn’t enjoy the beauty of the city due to the humid heat. I needed a lighter jacket. During the flight back to Italy looking at the fabrics of the shirts I thought why not use a shirt fabric to make a jacket according to the Neapolitan tailoring tradition that includes the emptied shoulder and many hand seams that make it even softer, as well as light. Despite the long journey, it was the first thing I did even before I unpacked my suitcase. It was 2008, when the first prototype was born, which today has become one of my items in my collection.

my VISIONthe CAPRI shirt