my ART works


I think I have always drawn in my life. My father told me that some of my drawings from when I was a child had used them as advertisements on the boxes of the first children’s shirts he had produced. Unfortunately, of those boxes, only the memory of that story remains today.


At the end of 1999, as a self-taught, I begin to experiment with the famous oil painting technique with which I fall in love. Painting after painting I force myself that this passion must remain such and never a job. I also force myself not to sell my works, but unfortunately I admit to having succumbed to this temptation and to have sold some of them in Northern Europe and Italy. Needless to deny how pleased I was to be appreciated.

National TV Interview

The world classic dancer star Mrs. CARLA FRACCI visits the exhibition space by Mario to meet him

Carla Fracci visit the show room


Now mostly I paint my internal mood which I transfer to canvas. Moments, memories, but also simple moments that catch my attention. A sort of poster that represents my experience and that I like to share with friends and people I care about, which is why some of my works are exhibited in private houses or public stores from Miami to Brussels, from Rome to Tokyo.

Tokyo – Roppongi – my artwork flights to the Japan where is exhibited along with my fashion creations in one of the best luxury stores in the world.