step 1

Everything start when the master tailoring meet first time client in person or in virtual “conference call”. During the meeting the tailor want to know about needs and the event where to wear the suit and shirt.

step 2

The tailor start to select the perfect fabrics considering the event and the place where suit and shirt have to be wear. In the same time, the designer move the pencil on the paper and make 2 sketch of the style to propose at the client.

step 3

The tailor has met the client to take the measurment and now he is working to make the personal pattern. Each client has hi personal pattern that will be keep for life. This is when the fabric is putting on the table and the suit begin his life by cutting

step 4

It will take 25 hours to handmade a Mario Muscariello suit that will endure the ages. A unique masterpiece thought, designed and made only for you and with you, because born from your want to be different

step 5

enjoy your tailored suit with our sincere thanks and congratulations