Vision, Mission and Etichal Value

I consider myself a dreamer but also a thinker because you cannot imagine a different world if you do not reflect carefully on the present.

Ancient writings of the era of the serenissima (Venice) describe us dyeing techniques for garments with natural and low-polluting colors. The same millennia before were used by the Egyptians to adorn the interior rooms of the Pyramids. The techniques of the time with current technology could guarantee a better future for our world while remaining cheerful and colorful.

My mission is to have a Company with people at its core, where work is viewed as an expression of human value, where profit becomes a means to improve the lives of people, to share with them world’s beauty.

The ugliness of the world and the plagues like wars and pandemics must make us reflect and push us towards a world where fashion must be within everyone’s reach, but without the exploitation of child labor or enslaved people. This is the reason why each of the laboratory that produces my collections must meet specific safety requirements, legality and moral code of ethics.