traditionally hand-sewn

A rare example of loyalty to tradition, the Mario Muscariello tailored shirt is hand-stitched for 85% of its length including buttonholes embroidered with extreme precision and craftsmanship by gentle female hands. Nine hand-made steps that represent the moment when the human hand replaces the machine

Every fabric is washed and let to dry naturally without machine. This process is made twice before the tailor start to cut your shirt. It means the fabric will be soft and the risk of shrinking is avoided.

The shirt must be a second skin to prevent it from causing imperfections to the jacket you are going to wear on it, so the softness guaranteed by the hand stitching and a fabric with a fine title allow it to take shape on your body as if wrapping it in a delicate embrace.

The collar is very observed but little contemplated. The essence of the shirt, but also the distinctive element of everyone. Tell me which neck style you like and I will tell you who you are, my father’s grandmother said to her customers.

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